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  • i think that rp and tl r both hot but, somepeople like come on these sites and complain and soz bout 1 of my comments my bros a bum and started typing random things. lol.
  • [quote=Kristen]Wow you guys! Ummmm....Leave these poor guys alone?[/quote] i no how dumb this sounds, but r u like kristen stewart? if u are i reckon ur a cool actor if not well just laugh and send back lol
  • finally sum1 agrees wid me!!!! yayyyyyyyy! omg the beanie thing is crap and i hate is unhealthy hygiene. eeeeewwwwww. lol. taylor lautner is way hotter, y cant people c that? TL is like 16 or 17 and RP is like 22! cmon