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  • [quote=jess]ahahahaha i thought the pubic hair comment was hilarious. come on... pretending it didn't happen doesn't make it disappear.[/quote] I'm sorry but that justification isn't good enough. It's about putting yourself in someone else's shoes and thinking about how you would feel if people never let you forget your mistakes.
  • It doesn't say much about the film. It's 23 seconds of footage so I don't understand how someone can say that it is going to be bad considering that's all you've seen. I agree, I think it's too short but I guess it's just a teaser.
  • It's great that they are hanging out. They seem to have a nice friendship. I don't understand why the media always have to try and turn into more than it is. I guess I'm the only person who think that Zac and Vanessa look a lot cuter than Ashley and Zac. They look brother and sister to me. I don't know who said it but I agree. I think Ashley looks a lot better with brown hair. It makes her look a lot more natural. The blond her washes her out. @jackie I don't know how many times it has to be said but Vanessa did not do this twice. Her images were stolen at the exact same time. TMZ and a couple of other websites revealed that the images date back to 2007 and before that. The time of her scandal. A sound bite that was released in 2007 described some of the recently released images. They were only seen by the public this year. It happened once not twice. What ever she does sexually in her privacy is her decision. It doesn't matter how you feel about it. It was a private situation that someone decided to take advantage of. No one should be allowed to steal images of a nude teenager and get away with it. Vanessa is a good role model in my opinion because she made a mistake and handled it very well and learned from it. No one's perfect.
  • I like Selena as much as the next person. She is probably one of my favorite Disney channel stars but the truth is; Selena can't sing. Really listen to her. I don't understand why people consider this to be a good voice. It's the same thing with so many of the stars off of Disney channel that release albums. For example Hilary Duff is a platinum selling artist but she can't sing. The level of music over the years has gone down tremendously. Why someone like Selena can sell thousands of albums while a talented singer is struggling to pay the bills just doesn't make any sense. I like Selena, I really do but seriously. She can't sing.
  • What people are forgetting to say is that regardless of the situation with Kanye, this tour would have been amazing. No one is doubting that. Two very talented and unique musicians in the same show would have blown people away. It is too bad that all of these things have occurred and the tour has been canceled. I know a lot of people would have loved to go.
  • This is a hard one but probably Beyonce. Jay Z is still famous though but if I had to ask people if they could identify them, more people would probably be able to identify Beyonce.
  • Justin for sure. Jennifer is famous as well but not to Justin's status.
  • Definitely Jennifer Love Hewitt. I know who Janie Kennedy is but not many people that I know do.
  • I have no idea because Angelina was famous on her own right before they started their relationship but her fame was boosted when she started dating him. But the same could be said for Brad.
  • I have to agree. Khloe is more famous. I had no idea who Lamar Odom was before the engagement happened.