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  • So Remember Actress Jennifer Esposito the former Actress from Blue Bloods and has had years of complications with Celiac Disease, if you go to attend a party at Charlize Theron house and you can't eat her Gluten Cake, she will insult you because of your Auto Immune Disease. Hey in her native Country of South Africa they enslaved blacks and with her comment you can bet she turned a blind eye to injustice just as she is so willing to insult people who have an Auto Immune disease like Jennifer Esposito and Jon Stewarts wife and Child because they have an Auto Immune Disease called Celiac Disease. To Charlize EAT IT I DO NOT CARE IF YOU GET SICK OR NOT. What a horrible woman and she thinks that is funny.
  • If it were gay people she insulted which is only 2% of the polulation THERE WOULD BE MASSIVE CALLS FOR AN APOLOGY. She never specified who she was talking about and CELIAC DISEASE REGARDLESS IS AN AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE. She doesn't even sound like she knows what Gluten is? She should have more class then how she acted on this woman's show knowing that Celiac Disease is an Auto Immune Disease that could lead to other Auto Immune diseases like Type 1 Diabetes and ADHD
  • Because that was the recent study that came out and is making news all over the place Google Search this title **Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity May Not Exist** From Real Clear Science** & **Gluten Sensitivity May Not Really Exist** from Shape Magazine & **Researchers Who Provided Key Evidence For Gluten Sensitivity Have Now Thoroughly Shown That It Doesn't Exist** Business Insider Except if you google search this title **No Effects of Gluten in Patients With Self-Reported Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity After Dietary Reduction of Fermentable, Poorly Absorbed, Short-Chain Carbohydrates** and if your scroll down to the bottom you will see Australia George Weston Foods funded this study. What is George Weston Food THE TOP BREAD (GLUTEN) MANUFACTURING IN AMERICA. That makes this study suspicious as it is, but if you really want to see the truth about this study and it's bogus lies Google Search this title **Non-celiac gluten sensitivity and lies promoted by I Fucking Love Science**