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  • My favorite song by Lady Gaga has to be Born This Way! I absolutely love that song so much. It just shows you a whole other meaning. I feel as if everyone can relate to it in their own way. Especially for those going through a rough time. I know whenever I personally was bullied this song would help me through a lot! & So would Justin Biebers song Be Alright. Love them. Whenever I had problems of my own I listened to these songs and it felt like I was in my own world. I love music. I connect with artists through their songs.
  • My favorite song by Taylor Swift is I knew You Were Trouble! I like a lot of her songs, her music is something i listen to from time to time! But i really like this one because its such a fun song! I feel as if a lot of teen girls can relate to it, haha. But they can alsi have fun with it. To everyone who listens to it is a new experience.
  • My favorite song by Justin Bieber is .. oh my god. I can't even choose! All of them have meaning to me. There's a story behind every single one. I love how he transitioned from a 16 year old boy to an adult through his music. One of my recent favorites has to be Nothing Like Us! The fact that he even wanted to share his personal feelings with us in that song. And not just the song but the whole Believe Accoustic album. All his songs speak to me. & Each of them in a different way..