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  • all need to stop getting things twisted he is a good artist his personal life is their not us and we need to realize its just music i love the song cake shit its better then what the fuck we have been listening too but to me music these days suck all off them form all people they so quick to jump in the studio but dont take the time to put passion in the song and chris brow is not and wont be the last celeb to hit a woman hell they have been beating on women for years and now all bitches want to say something pleaseeeeee fuck all off all celeb or not dont no woman deserve to get beat on but dont come down on one when all these fuckers do it they just did not get caught thats all bitches
  • first off all yall people act like chris brown is the first celeb to hit a wioman i can thank off alot off men that is celebs and done hit women charlie sheen hit his wife denise and all fuckers gave him a t.v show sean peen hit madonna when they was togather and all fuckers still go see his movies till this day so shut the fuck up all racist fuckers so what all are saying its okay for a white celeb to hit his women pleaseee
  • she can not sing or dance her assoff all she does is party and this is who all let your kids look up tooo please
  • and i know plenty charlie shan penn oh but then again they are white when a black man do something they run that shit in the ground when the whit man do it they talk about it for about day and then it goes away and there are plenty more go to you and look it up
  • leave chris brown alone hes not the only celeb that have hit a woman and he want be the last
  • pauly is the cuttest one and sexiest
  • now he can put out some music and get down like he used to