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  • Okay once again eminems fans get the figures wrong eminem is not the second best selling male artist Elvis is the highest then it's mj then Elton john and then a bunch of others so get your facts straight before you talk
  • Hush Shaun Brits album had no tv performances to back it up so barely anyone knows it's there that's why it's a little behind but I think being the youngest Star on the Vegas circuit made up for that either way on behalf of B-)army you stay mad and we'll stay winners
  • @sujay GS that person bringing family into it is hardly down to Britneys influence personally I would never do that and I idolise Britney as for the slurry comment those are called costumes she doesnt dress like that in real life Besides those outfits are sexy not slutty but whatever. (btw eminem is half naked in a lot of his videos to just saying). And you wanna talk about being a role model eminem is hardly an impeccable citizen so not much ground to stand on there mate. Also actually being down to earth is being humble, honest straight forward and appreciating the important thinags in life such as family etc it's not just about being blunt.dumbass. Having said that eminem and Britney are both very down to earth (although eminem is quite arrogant at times and kinda cruel to some people he definitely does fit the bill of being down to earth). and @ Sandra it is not okay to talk about people's family you criticise em for being judgey and mean and then you do the exact same, hypocrite.
  • Fyi for any beyhive out there if eminem wins then it means he beat beyonce to and that would make beyonce third what would you prefer beyhive 3rd or second place? Just sayin
  • Also I love how the sore losers can't handle it when Britney beats them haha why you mad? Is was gonna happen not much you could do about it Tbh :P
  • Btw to whomever it was that claimed eminem has sold over 220 million albums that's wrong he's sold 80million (why even lie that numbers massive anyway) however he has sold over 120million singles aswell so hes sold 200 million all to together. ( again why even make up numbers we don't care this comp is about opinion personally I like both but prefer Britney she is the fucking queen of pop afterall)