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  • Another lie of Adrienne's that was never confronted was her lack of involvement in the family businesses.Although she has an inidfrect inherited interest of some nature, she is not respected by the brothers and they ran the basketball franchise before they were forced to sell (they ran out of money) and they ran the casinos before their creditors cut back their interest to 2%. Adrienne is of course wealthy, but not as she pretends; and the reason she has time for her little businesses is that her brothers wont let her have any responsibilities in their businesses -- she isn't very bright after all.
  • I have to disagree with your concept that, with social media, there are no secrets for the women on the show. I have access to Lexis/Nexis and was curious, for example, by the bankruptcies of Sonja and the Giudices, andalso about the litigation of Sonja that led to her bankruptcy, her divorce papers, and Taylor Armstrong's legal problems. In each case, the women were completely dishonest about their problems: example, Sonja was found by a federal jury to have committed fraud -- that's why she was in debt; the Giusidces were found by a federal judge to have committed fraud and theft of money paid in by low income tenants for heating oitl, among other things; Taylor was directly involved in her husband's scam -- that's why she was sued. And yet none of this ever came out in the media or on the shows.So I do disagree that women cannot conceal their secrets -- the secrets I personally was unable to uncover were never aired anywhere, and the other housewives just treated the lies with total lack of curiosity.