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  • You look gorgeous, Heidi. Cut the gigolo!
  • Heidi, Glad to see you doing some noteworthy good. You look truly beautiful so drop the loser! Believe me, in the end you will see how he has brought you down to a level you never thought you would be at. This has nothing to do with LC; be a woman of today and get rid of abusive Benny!
  • Heidi's mom was so dissed by Spencer that it's ridiculous. It goes beyond his usual rudeness but rather demonstrates a lack of respect for someone who Heidi loves. Think about that for a moment you controlling freak!
  • Congratulations, Howard and Beth. It's been a long haul. Never thought you'd do it Howard. But, happy for you. We are great fans of yours for many years. Regards to the crew and much happiness.
  • Now Audrina, you know that LC would never do anything like that, especially with Justin Bobby! They are trying to ruin your friendship for PR sake. Have they taken pix of them together?? If not, LC isn't the type to go behind your back with any guy. Look at how the She-Pratt item worked out with Doug. Come on now, you are bigger than that. As for going to Heidi with this ugly mess...don't go there. She is more dangerous than Perez! Big Fan