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  • Ana's the kind of woman Lea wishes she was. Lea is as brain dead as Ana claimed. I lost respect for all the ladies after Thomas (Chauvinist) Krammer told all of them to "shut the hell up". Ana was the only sensible lady at the table. Perhaps Ana should educate the ladies with some wise words " if you don't stand for something,you'll fall for everything". Thomas was rude and kudos to Ana for stand up to Thomas.
  • Exactly! I couldn't believe what a phony Lea is. I believe she's had a total face lift since last season. Ana sure went full throttle on Lea's hypocritical ass. I don't think Ana's daughters are socially awkward, so what would possess Lea to call them that. Lea finally was made to answer for the pure evil behavior she's displayed on every episode. Love Ana & Adriana.