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  • call me pleasee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 213) 745-8423!!!!!!!! my name is gisselle and i love you LOGANNN AND BIG TIME RUSH!!!!!!!
  • my valentine is totally LOGAN!!!!! my love for him is seriously undescribable.He is just sooo adorable with his dimples, his personality and of course his SWAGG I would be the happiest girl in the whole universe if i get a phone call from him!!! I love all of big time rush and i've been here since the start. I will forever and always love them and i hope to win. Hes the peanut to my butter, the straw to my berry, hes the only one i love, and the one i hope to marry <3 but since that is never going to happen i hope to at least get a valentines day call :) logyyy I LOVE YOUUUUU BEAUTIFUL INSPIRING GUYS TALENTED INCREDIBLE MARVELOUS ENERGETIC REALLY THE BEST UNBEATABLE SUPER CARING HOT ;) hehe call me my name is Gisselle Z.