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  • First of all Jesse is cheating and trying desperately to cheat on Kat VD with girls way out of his league. This I know for a fact! Second of all, she completely ruined that Herve Leger dress, ruined it with her sleezy disposition and crazy tattoos!!! Jesse found himself a girl with low enough self esteem to mark up her body and let him cry on her shoulder. boo hoo, give me a break! when he got caught he needed a good kick into rehab. Trust me Jesse is as usual full of sh*t no better off and still cheating. why would that just change?
  • I saw these same pics on http:// but she was with Chelsea Handler in Mexico, not this bozo. also, they had bikini pics of cameron diaz over the weekend in a bikini with A-Rod.
  • [quote=freshup16]this guy's gross...[/quote] I know! What's up with her? Her bikini is soooo boring too! Did u see the pics of Chelsea Handler in a bikini on http;// ? She was with Jen on vacay and equally as unexciting!
  • I think that kourtney looks great post -baby. she was voted one of the top 10 hottest celeb bikini bods on she deserves It!