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  • what did he do that was so bad?
  • i am really glad that he is doing better and I pray for him.
  • i always loved him and always will.
  • jay you are the stupid one for getting so into it. come on you don't even know them. anyway roseanne does have a point. and she is great. angelia is a hipacrite and looks like a guy and is a back stabbing, husband stealing bitch. she always said she NEVER wanted kids of her own just adopted. well I guess she changed her mind. well she will find out the hard way when it gets too much. oh yeah she has maid's to do the mothering for her so of course it is easy when you don't have to do it all.
  • would kate make up her mind. she has been around the block a lot ever since she and her ex-husband split. is it that hard to stay with one person?
  • it doesn't matter who she dates but she needs to pick which sex she likes more. either your gay or strait or both.she could do better!!