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  • I think you should validate your stories and sources before printing garbage. How much did she get to set him up? How much for the photos? Ridiculous, nasty rumours.
  • [quote=Michelle]I just hope he's not overextending himself. If he saturates the market too much, people are going to get sick of seeing him and he will get burned out. It's hard to be "on" all the time.[/quote] If Josh Brolin can do it, why can't Rob? :)
  • Wouldn't do for our favorite Vampire to get a tan before his Italy scenes for "New Moon" now would it? He's supposed to be white and sparkle..
  • He doesn't have a 'bad side' does he ? Only photos I haven't liked are the ones when he buzzed his hair..I like his hair, completes his look ♥...I saw the video on You Tube of that photo shoot. The man has the patience of Jobe! It's really refreshing to see a classy gentleman, I thought they were extinct.
  • Oops..sorry about the's 'hear' not here. Never post before's bad for your grammar and my spelling sucks anyway.
  • It's a relief to here that he'll be doing "Breaking Dawn", the movie is pointless without him and it's my favorite book besides "Twilight". I don't know if they'll be able to do it in one film though, unless they go the "Gone With The Wind" route and slap in an Intermission. I'm anxious to see his new films, I really enjoyed "The Haunted Airman" and "How To Be". (Not forgetting "Goblet Of Fire" I saw a few years ago.} Don't know about "Dune" though, I'm still having nightmares over the first make of that one..;)