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  • Til Mase showed up, u two were my faves. Now? sorry :) He stold my heart. ALL OF YOU are the most admired ladies (and wittle gent) of ALL TIME by Brandi Joyce White ! ! ! such gorg doll babes. I have def beat all postee's on here, with most comments on pics cuz I'm in love with your entire FAB FAM [img][/img]
  • I am such a huge admirer of your mother, Kyky. I think you, and all of your sis's are drop dead gorg, and you guys mos def got it ALL from yo hot momma. lol. You are all beautiful and successful ladies. I only dream and wish to one day meet you all. [img][/img]
  • WOW. see, on your facebook account, I might have said that I thought you shod just let Kendall do the modeling. I am now begging you toforgive me because I was 100% wrong. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS. Kep it up.. Do your thang, Ky
  • WOW ! ! Very very beautiful, Kylie ! One of the best looks on you I have seen. Love your hair. It looks a lot like how your sis, Kloe keeps hers. In other words, AWESOMENESS HAIR ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Kylie, regrettably, before I had said something I find utterly incorrect and I want o say I am sorry and so sorry I was wrong. second, I wish to say, WOW !!! WHAT AN ABOLUTELY GORGEOUS LADY YOU ARE BECOMING. Don't get me wrong, you were always adorable. But, now you are just 100% drop dead gorgous. You are, I'm pretty sure, making a ton of teen-age guys hands really really tired. haha. good luck, girl. luv, the biggest Kardashian fan ever! Brandi White, aka B.J. [img][/img]