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  • ...Being King Of Pop is not a generation thing, BUT the status that is earned during decades and for global impact on music and society! In 2000 Michael Jackson was named (has been) as the most famous person on this planet, definitely, he still is and will be among the most famous ever... for ever...! There is no comparison between JB and MJ, the current success means nothing, Michael Jackson is the most successful artist ever, the biggest selling artist and the most awarded artist ever by the Guinness Book. There are/were/have been so many so-called Kings Of pop... from Bobby Brown, Usher, Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake... to Justin Bieber..., NONE of them has ever reached anything comparable to Michael Jackson - as for music legacy or contribution, thats the fact, and after 40+ years of career MJ has the largest fan base (of all generations, not only teens) in the world.