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  • I would take Chris Colfer because I think we share a lot in common. Being writers, actors, and musicians. Plus, his attitude is so real and he's hilarious. From what I've seen at awards shows, he always comes looking so handsome and I wouldn't mind having him as my arm candy either!
  • My Glee crush is Harry Shum Jr. I've always wanted to be a dancer but when I was younger and in classes my mother had to withdrawal me from classes because we couldn't afford them on her single mother budget. Harry Shum Jr is an amazing dancer and when he had his solo dance number in Night Of Neglect my draw honestly dropped. His character, Mike Chang, is so underrated and I don't think people truly appreciate how talented he really is.
  • My Glee crush is Chris Colfer. He's so inspirational and gorgeous. It's inspiring how he's lived a life of constant bullying and has been so strong throughout everything. Now he's successful and putting out a good message for anyone who has been bullied or has felt alone. Even though I'm not gay, his PSA for the Trevor Project has really reached out to me. Chris' voice is absolutely breathtaking too. I would die if I ever met him.
  • If I won these Glee Live tickets, I would take my friend Gema with me. It's her birthday on the 29th and I know she would absolutely die if we went because we didn't get to see Glee Live last summer. We've known each other for 3 years but ever since Glee came into our lives, we've grown inseparable. If anything Glee related happens, she's the first person I call or go to. We watch Glee every week together religiously, create Glee cupcakes, quote the show and sing our hearts out (because that's what you do when you're two theatre nerds!) I'm most excited to see "Happy Days/Get Happy" live. It's sort of mine and Gema's song. We sing our lungs out to that song all the time, claiming that I'm Rachel and she's Kurt. It would be an honor to actually see that live.