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  • [quote=sydsouth]*!!!!!!!!!!! ELIJAH..WOOD....HOW ADORABLE!!!....HE HAS THE,,,, MOST GORGEOUS EXPRESSIVE EYES IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!*LOVE HIM ALSO....hahahahah cutie..!! =}*[/quote] How old are you? Something about your typing makes me want to punch someone.
  • Oh no, this was Fergie? What happened to the poor girl?
  • [quote=reneelucky7] be quit "alredy"- sorry but I don't speak retard. And I bet you are the same person on here proof reading everyone else comment and taking sh*t.[/quote] You'd think seeing as you type "retard" you'd be able to speak it too.
  • I swear he wasn't even a kid here.
  • [quote=Laryssia Steal Jones] I KNO RIGHT SAGGY ASS BOOBS! ARE GROSS![/quote] Is there a reason for the capital letters? It doesn't make you louder.
  • Calm down, he's not psycho, he just doesn't want a baby skank as a daughter. I can see why. I don't even hate Miley, it's just kind of a fact.
  • [quote=reneelucky7] And you just fell for the trap idiot. I don't give a f*ck what you have to say, sorry but strangers over the internet has ZERO importances in my life.[/quote] Dig yourself deeper.
  • [quote=O_O]did she have plastic surgery? she looks diff now O_O[/quote] No, she grew up.