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  • US Weekly is just a bunch of BS! I never believe any story they print! If this were People, then I'd be a little more open to believing it. How did she not know the relationship would not only end quickly, but end badly! Didn't she write a song about older guys messing with young girls hearts for the hell of it? There are so many girls like Taylor, who say they want to meet Prince Charming but always get stuck with losers. And when they Do meet a nice guy, they don't give them the time of day 0_0
  • Yeah, in this picture you can tell its her real hair becuase of how visible her scalp is. They just should have put it in a different type of '50's style. Like the stuctured curl! Thay would look great on her!
  • [quote=annabannana56]Nice photoshoot!!![/quote] I agree, I like the '50's era theme.
  • [quote=AMber]She is sooooooooooooo UGLY. Its like she is wearing a wig. EW. She looks like a man with her butt chin. GEESH. Hop Off Joe's Meat.![/quote] Its her hair, she was spotted later on with her hair still pumped-up. I highly doubt she would wear the wig home. And she is very pretty,she is only is that postion for the shoot.
  • [quote=MT]those arent scars genius'...they are the marks you get when you tan in a tanning bed! DUH![/quote] I think they are scars. They look a deep pink, like her skin was open and has had time to heal. I have friends who tan( I would never take the risk) and they get marks in that area, but they don't look that old, even weeks later.
  • Coco DOES have butt implants. HEr butt is really HUGE, but is stiff. If you NATUARLLY have a big butt, then you know that is jiggles, her's is juat as stiff and fake as Nikki MInaj's!
  • Alot of singers request crazy, unnessiary things, but she only ask for three pretty simple things. I have a new-found respect for her. I just wish she used an "s" instead of an "$"
  • [quote=Simona]You are right. And the most irritating thing is that Miley is 17,and Taylor is 16.[/quote] You both are overreactting, please stop complaining about things that aren't true! People are angery at Taylor for smoking, but she somehow gets the ciggarettes. People would be equally as mad if iIley smoked. And besides, MIley ruined her rep by taking half naked pictures and sending it to "friends" on Myspace at 15! And a year later, she took a picture with a pouty face and her bra hanging out! Taylor started her career on Gossip Girl, Miley started on Disney channel and considers herself a God-fearing women. That has alot to do with it. Stop assuming people are bias when they are not! Grow up, please.
  • Why would he get mad at her for calling him cute and saying he was married? I swear he just likes to start fights...
  • Personally, I LOVE vampires. Ann Rice does them justice. But if she doesn't like them, that's fine. However, her being Miley Cyrus, she should know to keep her mouth shut. Everytime she speaks, she digs herself a depper hole. Oh and Hannah Montana was a cult as well, while she was touring as the character. For awhile now, people don't seem to care. And I agree with the theory that she hates things that are more popular than her. Or she's trying to do that "I hate things that are popular, so I'm cool" Either way, she should stop.