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  • Miley may have a great voice, but she definitely has zero curves -_-
  • Good luck with this one, Em. You're gonna need it! -_-
  • A boy who is changing lives? Okay, I read the ORIGINAL report about this "beached whale" story. The report didn't initially come from the girl(s). It came from bystanders and hotel workers who actually witnessed the incident, HEARD him say it and filed formal complaints with the hotel over it. This is also the same "boy" who DID stop and pee in a bucket in a KITCHEN of a restaurant he was trying to sneak out of. This is also the same "BOY" who was on a balcony with some of his friends with a bunch of fans below him, and was caught ON CAMERA spitting off the balcony onto one of his female fans below. Oh, but he's SUCH a good person and a saint, right? Puh-lease!
  • Kudos to whoever this chick may be! ^^^ She definitely hit the nail on the head with that one. Stuff like this is exactly why I've stopped listening to pop, rap and R&B all-together. I know exactly what I'm getting with country music. I know I'm not going to see mostly-naked females. I know I'm going to see self-respect, dignity and composure. Along with plenty of modesty and grace. I'll continue to stick with that until someone decides to put some kind of limitations on the raunchiness of the other music genres.