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  • I love her and her acting, but her legs looked like they have wilted away. How is she even able to stand with like 3 % muscle in them. She is probably ok, but if I saw her on the street i would be scared for her.
  • i'm sorry, but how would you know if they are still friends or not. Do you know any of them personally. Do you know any of their family personally. Did any of them tell you they don't like ashley. Did ashley tell you there is still bad blood. It's just so laughable how people think they know so much about celebrities when they really have no clue. Maybe they do hate eachother maybe they don't but you will never know until one of them tell you personally which im guessing will never happen.
  • i think this girl is gorgeous even with her eyebrows. When she was on the cover of seventeen magazine she talked about how she used to hate her eyebrows and used to pluck them so much now she loves them. Good for her! The only thing that bugs me about them is the fact that she almost has unibrow. to know where you should pluck your eyebrows to you are supposed to take a pencil and hold it in a straight line from the outside of your nostril to the inside corner of your eye. then do the same thing with the outside corner of your eye. your eye brow should not go outside these imaginary lines. for the most part the dont except when it comes to a unibrow. If she atleast plucked the inside just smidge more they would look 10 times better
  • I thought it was some old celebrity her hand looked 60
  • wow she looks like leighton as a teen
  • i said the same thing. This is how it goes though. when your young like she is wearing makeup tends to make you look older and when your older wearing makeup tends to make you look younger.
  • she is wearing makeup. you can wear makeup and make it look like your wearing none or very little
  • yeah she is wearing makeup here
  • she looks so young in this picture
  • Im not saying shes not a good actress, but how did she get an audition. I can understand not having the same hair color or eye color as the character because those things can be changed, but shes a completely different ethnicity.