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  • im sorry i think Edward Cullen is a queeeerbait.. kinda a creeper too! i like Robert Pattinson he's so talented he's amazing and don't like him for "Edward Cullen"
  • haha that just made my day (: what a cool cat :P
  • wow this is really pretty (:
  • hahah what a nerd (:
  • i love black beaniess (: but he's a cutie pie (:
  • im prettty sure im the biggest fan because basically everything i do envolves twilight in some way. my room is covered in twilight pictures of the cast and alot from the movie my ceiling is full of robert as edward all over (: i talk about it 24/7 i have to be on a website that envolves twilight. I read the whole series 20 times i can't get enough of Twilight its my favorite book and now sense they made a movie out of it i was freakin out i stood in line at midnight for 3 hours just to be in the theater first and in the whole movie my mouth was wide open and i couldn't move i was stuck in my seat i loved the movie so much it was sooooo intense i couldn't even believe. All me and my friends do is talk about Twilight and the boooks and the movies coming out. i made myself 20 shirts for twilight and now im making more for new moon, i bought basically everything at hot topic they had for twilight. if i saw anything from twilight i would cut it out and put it on my wall, when in the other room without the Television and i hear the Twilight previews i sprint out just to make my mom rewind the it and play it again while i just stare at the television in amazment. Im pretty much postitive if someone starts talking about Twilight i jump right and start babbling along.. nothing gets me babbling more than twilight. i wont read any other book besides Twilight nothing works anymore its no fun im too stuck on Twilight so i just lock myself in my room and read Twilight.. ill be in my class at school and start daydreaming about Twilight for no reason just random thoughts. i had to see the movie about 10 times and seat in the very front row just so people wouldn't yell at me cause i got wayyyy to into it. im addicted to twilight but i could care less what they say (: its just how i live, its all i think about its all i dream about its all i do.. it is my life now. i couldn't survive without Twilight it just wouldn't be life anymore.