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  • That's definitely the work of a push up bra...
  • I LOVE snooki and VS!! Snooki has her own sense of style, she is unque and wears what she wants and doesn't care what anyone thinks! She is abolutely funny and an amzing MOMMY! Leopard OBSESSION, yes we both have one #AnimalPrintPower! I watch Snooki & Jwoww every Tuesday, never miss a show!!! I don't really know alot about Miranda Kerr except that she is a Victorias Secret Model. She is GORGEOUS and has a pretty smile. I absolutely love Victorias Secret!!!!! I go there ALL the time! You both have very cute babys!!!! And you both look amazing since having one!! Stay Fabulous P.S. : My sweet 16 is this February 14 on Valentines Day and it wold be sooo AMAZING if i won! I have never won a contest before so it would make my Sweet 16 the best!! Thank you for such an amazing opportunity CELEBUZZ!! XOXO