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  • I bet he isn't a virgin. MMM.
  • Well, Taylor's a bitch. Miley is superb at what she does where as Taylor is another Ke$ha in the making walking around looking like she needs a shower. SHAME.
  • I think she's a good actress & a good singer but too clean-cut.
  • Hmm...Maybe so. But then again...she's a freaking KID. Wow. Ugh.
  • Selena's too goody-two-shoes to be anything like Miley.
  • NO.
  • LMAO. Wow. Really? She's a cookie-cutter popstar. Not Miley enough.
  • Ew. Taylor Swift is a whiney bitch. All she does is cry & whine about everything. It's been more than a year if not two years since the Joe/Taylor breakup & what does she CONSTANTLY do? Bring him up. I've heard both sides of the story to that...Joe posted a blog on the Jonas Brothers myspace that was deleted a while back but he said that he wasn't the one that hung up.He also tries to reach out to her hoping that they can be friends but Taylor refuses. Also, she makes a stupid video about a Joe doll saying crap about the breakup? That's not mature. Also, she sings HORRIBLE live & her acting SUCKS. Miley pwns her on many levels. That's my opinion. Wanna argue with my opinion? Go ahead. I don't care if I get attacked by "Swifties".
  • Wow. Some of the Beliebers that have commented this are PATHETIC. First off, get a life. Second, Justin Bieber is a trend. As soon as that squeaky voice of his matures, he'll be out. He's not that cute, honestly..Sure his music's catchy & yeah, he's talented but "Bieber Fever" is exactly that. A fever. It doesn't stay long. He's just some kid that sang a couple Usher songs on YouTube & HAPPENED to rocket to superstardom. He's nothing special. There are plenty of other 16 year old boys that could do the same thing WITHOUT the girly voice. I acknowledge that his music is cute & he does has SOME amount of talent but seriously...stop freaking out over the kid.
  • She's a good actress but I can't see her being the next Miley....