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  • [quote=ktownsend] I agree with you Brodie28... We are going to having him running, but I just hope that he don't run to deep into drugs like alot of stars that don't get to have a life because of the Paparazzi and fans.. I know the Paparazzi have to make a living but he can't even walk through an airport or sidewalk without having them in his face. I feel sorry for alot of actors.. No Life.. I couldn't do it.. What good is the money if you can't do anything with it..[/quote] Here's the thing, I keep a watch on what he doing and all that. But I would never take as far as I have seen and heard. It kinda irritates me to hear people making judgments about him drinking and smoking. My question to the people is do you remember what you were doing when you were 22 years old? I can tell you it is very normal for a 22 year old to go out to bars. Hell I did every night when I was 22. It is just part of being young. He is really amazing and I would love to see him around for a while, but I really think the fame thing is going to take it's toll sooner than we want. What people have to remember is that "HE IS NOT EDWARD CULLEN", he is just a person like you and me. People have forgotten that and forgotten that each person has their own personal space. His is getting violated more often than it should. I just hope he stays safe from all the crazy's out there.
  • I bet he wishes he was home right now so he would not have to deal with this sh*t. Look at him he does not look happy, but annoyed. Poor Rob.
  • First, we as fans need to leave him the hell alone at the airport. Don't you think that there's gonna be enough of paparazzi there to piss him off? He does not need some stupid ass crazy fan there to make it worse. We as fans are going to drive him away from acting if we keep this up. Let the man be and enjoy his work.