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  • Sincerest regards on the adoption of your son, Charley. With your canine companions you're a family a loving heart as yours deserves. A house is built of wood & stone, but it takes hope & dreams to make it a home. Where Love exists there are always miracles, as it's Love itself that's the real miracle producing Life From poet William Blake, something beautiful for you on this blessed St.Valentine's day, 2013: " To see a world in a grain of sand, & Heaven in a wild flower..To hold infinity in the palm of your hand, & eternity in an hour. She who binds herself to a joy, doth the winged life destroy..Yet she who kisses the joy as it flies, ever lives in Eternity's Sunrise. " Boys grow up to be men, part from their moms. But your Love gives Jackson his hopes and dreams. My mom was an angel as you are, Charley. I know. A man is only that grain of sand, but is too, the world to you. Thinking of you always, your admiring friend, Bruce Jonathan Fick
  • " It's instead our Light, and not the darkness within us that most frightens us. Because our deepest fear isn't that we're inadequate, but rather that we're powerful beyond measure. Our playing small doesn't serve the world. Nothing enlightening about shrinking away from our humanitarian duties. We're born with the destiny of manifesting the glory of God within us " Nelson Mandela My mom gave heavily to the African Christian missions. I've collected for UNICEF. Though we're not acquainted, I'd be honored if you'd regard me as your friend anyway, Charly. To me, you're a hero, and someone I look up to. Your heart is in the right place. That means everything.
  • A poem from the thoughts of Henry Van Dyke: " Time is " " Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who laugh. But for those who truely Love, Time is Eternity " Wishing you all the best. Happy Valentine's Day, Charley.