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  • brixbree says:
    how do i delete this account?
  • sierrab312 says:
    I want to delete my Celebuzz account, but how do I do it, I haven\'t seen anything on the profile settings to do so
  • morganenellyova says:
  • romanticfool says:
    I am not able to submit comments.. I can view my past posts and the photo upload link shows but not submit. Is there an explanation?
  • romanticfool says:
    All the 203 comments I made and all others are missing on the pages about Kristen, today\'s wedding, Taylor, Rob, Garrett etc.. Did you just remove my comments or ability to view the ones you left? I have made screen shots of everything I have posted and copies. You allow foul and vulgar language but you don\'t allow my comments that are backed by videos and print sources. Why? When the comments were about Rob being gay with Tom, that did not bother Celebuzz. Why are the comments gone and disabled? Is it just for me as that is a violation of my free speech. Celebuzz put a page up \"which female celeb should Kristen date\" months ago. It is still in Google\'s cache. Which Female Celeb Should Kristen Stewart Hook Up - Celebuzz We couldn\'t help notice that no small number of female Celebuzz readers admit that, given the opportunity, they\'d gladly shake off the bonds of ... - Cached I realize that discussing Summit\'s PR maneuvers and Kristen\'s behavior may not make the powers that be, producers, investors, studio etc. happy but they let it get out of control. All TMZ, Perez Hilton, her cast and director did was document it or tell others. Are you a gossip site that is paid to say what they tell you? Why have comment capability if you can censor what is discussed? I back my opinion with compelling evidence. I don\'t use curses. Why am I blocked suddenly?