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  • To those who say that KStew can't act,read this:Have u read the book Twilight?The book describes Bella as clumsy,shy and with a dry sense of humor,etc and Kristen just acted that way because that's who Bella is in the book.OK?In fact, she is a great actress bcoz the book was mostly about Bella's obsession towards Edward and KStew's acting was so great that she was able 2 transfer her obsession to several thousands of people.The bottom line: Had any other actress played Bella, I,m sure you would not have taken a second/multiple? look/s at RPattz.KSTew as Bella made RPattz more desirable by consistently saying that RPattz is a gooood kisser.This also shows that Kstew is not jealous bcoz RPattz is receiving more attention....more screams...In fact,I notice that Kstew is so uncomfortable with so much attention that,s why she's glad that the spotlight is more on RPattz ....that except 4 the MTV Canada interview where the hosts were @!@!,she did not mind that she was questioned more on things about RPattz than her work...
  • what I' trying 2 say is that KStew was called ungrateful 4 simply narrating how she got the role of Bella.I'm a bookworm but like Kristen Stewart.I never heard of Twilight maybe because I'm not into vampires.Most people might not know her because she was more into indie movies.Kristen was offered the role of Bella and she nearly rejected it when she read the summary bcoz she thought it was just a "damsel-in-distress 2 be rescued by prince charming story."She was asked 2 reconsider it by reading the script first and she found out that there was more to it than just a-damsel-in-distress story.(Note:My comments are based on Twilight interviews I've watched and read)So, Kstew accepted the role.She must also be credited 4 choosing Rob as her leading man.(I hate it when others insinuate that Twilight is successful bcoz of Rob only.Common!All of the cast members should be acknowledged in their hard work in the movie specially KStew and RPattz.Without their sizzling on and off-screen chemistry, the movie might have gotten a lukewarm response... )Going back 2 the "ungrateful issue", Kstew simply NARRATED how she came 2 play the role of Bella.In fact, she also said that she thought it would be successful bcoz the book has a huge fan base but she never expected it 2 become a huge hit all over the world as it was and so she was so glad she was part of it.Again, let's not be too sensitive and read so much in between the lines as 2 what KStew is saying and spin negative stories about her such as this "ungrateful issue."NOTE:BEFORE WE COMMENT,LET US FIRST TRY 2 WATCH ALL THE VIDEOTAPED INTERVIEWS INCLUDING THE PRINTED ONES SO THAT WE at least 2 a certain level are not as biased as some malicious reporters are who spin off tales and claim them as true just 2 sell their work.
  • [quote=ali]Finally Summit are letting it get out. About time. I am so happy for Rob. But I do think he can do better than her.[/quote] Really?Why do you say Rob can do better than KS?Are you among those who hate KS even if you do not know her at all?How about Rob?Do you know in know him and not just what you see on Tv or the movies?Hope u r not one of those who are quick 2 judge KS based on interviews alone while turning a blind eye 2 everything that RPattz might be doing or saying .....
  • By the way, KStew mentioned in one of her interviews that she wore contacts for the movie and it was painful sometimes. That may explain why she blinked a lot in some of the scenes.Her eyes are actually green. The movie Twilight was so successful not only because the book was/is a bestseller......but also because of the great chemistry between KStew and Rpattz.OK? BOTH OF THEM DESERVE THE CREDIT NOT just RPAttz only. Of course, let's not forget the other cast members who also work hard for it and they deserve recognition.Without Bella,there is no Edward and I can't imagine any other actress who could beat KStew as Bella.Remember_the chemistry between the two is "flying sparks" and that KStew succeeded in making RPattzz so desirable.ALAS however for KStew because ppl hate her. Whether the "haters" admit it or not, they hate her coz Kristen is effortlessly gorgeous and Edward"RPattz love her.That' s jealousy and envy.(I love Kstew's eyes: so pretty)
  • To those say KStew can't act ,read this: The book,Twilight described Bella as clumsy,unpopular,shy with a dry sense of humour,etc and Kristen played that role well.In fact, you say she is boring because that's what Bella is in the book.Secondly, the book is mostly about Bella's obsession towards Edward and KSTew interpreted that role excellently because she was able to transfer her obsession to millions of ppl who love RPattz only.They hate Kstew citing childish reasons such as KStew's blinking a lot in some scenes,etc.Actually,they don't realize that they hate her for making Edward/Rpattz so desirable and that they became obsessed with him.Ha,ha,ha.KUDOS, Kristen Stewart.
  • RE:MTV video where KStew was called a bitch:All of us at one time or another have exhibited some form of rudeness.KStew went to MTV Canada to promote Adventureland and not Twilight.Those interviewers were rude for asking questions about RPattz when the latter is not even part of the movie.Of course, KStew being an actress has to endure this but hey, she is young and obviously she does not know yet how to play up to the media.The best thing we can do is not to crucify her but call her attention towards it. NObody is perfect.DON'T BE HYPOCRITES!Give KStew ample time to learn how to be a darling to the media and/or public by giving "showbiz" answers designed to tickle the ppl's ears.ok?
  • The missing word in the 2nd sentence is-CHOOSE-.I meant do not just choose some of KStew's interviews where she was not able to present herself well.Again,to those who claim that KStew is arrogant and ungrateful, i suggest that you watch all of her inrterviews-- like the one entitled "WHY DO PPL HATE KRISTEN STEWART?"in you tube.
  • To those who say Kristen Stewart is ungrateful and arrogant:Don"t just some of KStew's interviews where she was not able to present herself well so as to validate your envy or jealousy towards her.You have no right to judge her based on that alone specially bcoz you do not know her.In some of her interviews,she is just so serious that she comes off a little bit strong.Common!She just needs to loosen up a bit.Secondly, she is young.Her age may not be an excuse for whatever she has done or uttered that is offensive to you but hey,we can be rude from time to time without meaning to.She is just being honest.Don't you know that these actors are being coached as to what answers to give or how to answer them-answers which may not be true but are designed to tickle the ears of ppl.So let's give KStew a break and give her sufficient time to learn how to give the correct hollywood showbiz answers.As for being ungrateful,I say she is not.I am a bookworm but i never heard of twilight or Stephenie Meyer maybe because I'm not into vampires.KStew just gave an honest answer that she did not know anything about the books;that she was so busy doing indie movies at that time so she nearly rejected the role specially after reading the synopsis- it being about a damsel in distress to be rescued by a prince charming who is a vampire.KStew reconsidered her decision and accepted the role only after reading the script ;that there was more to it and not than just rescue- a damsel-in-distress story.She started reading it only after she accepted the role.Then she came to know that the book has a huge fan-based but she never expected it to become a really huge hit worldwide and she repeatedly said that she was glad she played Bella.How could you say she is ungrateful or arrogant?BEFORE U REFUTE ME,WATCH ALL of KSTEW's INTERVIEWS.
  • to those who say KSTEW can't act,read this:In the book,Bella is described as shy,unpopular,clumsy with a dry sense of humour so what would you expect in the movie?In fact KStew played the role well by making herself a little bit boring because that,s what Bella is in the book.Secondly, the book Twilight is being told from Bella's point of view-her obsession towards Edward and she acted out the role excellently.Why?Bella is obsessed of Edward and KStew made you,ppl specially the teenagers obsessed of RPattz.Now, you tell me if that,s not a great acting.KStew/Bella made you obsessed of Edward?RPattz.Without KStew's sure you would not take a second look at RPattz.KStew made Edward so desirable that's why she is such a great actress.RPattz would not be where he is right now if not for KStew's great help.In other words,they are where they are right now because of their great acting together.BOTH of them made the book alive on screen.It's not just RPattz.It's the two of them that made the movie sizzle on screen.Had another actress played Bella,i doubt if the movie would be as successful as it is right now.Anybody who disagrees?KStew haters?
  • you envious and jealous ppl:U r BIASed.You are in love with Robert Pattinson that's why you love whatever he does even his messy hair.How come you write so many negative things about Kristen"s hair?Kristen is really BEAUTIFUL even with a little bit messy hair.At least,therre's nothing in her that is surgically enhanced.Her beauty is natural.