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  • [quote=HO]wearing a cross and dressing like a ho... typical Christian.[/quote] wtf? 1. Miley isn't even dressed like a ho?! Haven't you ever wore shorts? Yea, though you would have and 2nd. Don't call all Christians 'Ho' you asswipe. what she's wearing isn't even that bad And since when has wearing a cross with shorts 'whoreish'?? So just leave Miley Cyrus AND Christians alone.. : )
  • [quote=lulu]that was crap... sorry![/quote] Argeed, she can act not sing. But i do like her! Just not when she sings..
  • in not one of this pictures have a actually seen this ice cream being eaten! Their just holding it!! :L
  • [quote=abigailjune]Things i've noticed in this picture.1.) Joe looks like a Harry Pot Pot wannabe.2.) that ice cream looks delicios.3.) Nick is carrying a man purse... i mean satchel.4.) Nick is being a bad ass and not wearing his purity ring. WHAT A REBEL[/quote] 4. Nick has his ring on his dog tag : ). lol. If you zoom in you can see it.
  • Please, i love Miley but HATE Hannah Montana! And she's is NOT fat! wtf?!? And i bet their only dating to boost their film! Everyone does that! Wait and see, they're be over once the film comes out and makes a bomb!
  • i love Miley and it MUST be hard for her. I mean, she's been in the public eye still birth because of her father so she doesn't really know what a 'normal' life is! And i think she's a better role-model than Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato because: Miley has done things wrong, so she can show you how to fix them and move on. It's boring having a role model who never done anything wrond like Selena. You learn from your role models mistakes! Miley is a awesome singer, actress and a amazing person, Let her live her life! Let her grow up and be herself. Who are we you judge her? None of us know her! Only, her friends, family & God can judge her. So don't be mean or rude about her because she's a human, with feelings and a heart. She deserves respect aswell.
  • i love it that he still wears sneakers! He's all smart until his sneakers! love it! : )
  • [quote=noah]1) Because he refuses to get tan. 2) He said he hates Blade, who is a black vampire.3) He's British.[/quote] HEY! LEAVE US BRITISH PEOPLE ALONE! YOU ***hole!
  • hey, if you want a gf. I'm here!! lol. I hope he finds someone to made me happy! love you Justin! Good Luck.x!
  • she probably have it there paps wouldn't see it but it didn't work! but still, he she wants a tatto let her have a tatto and if 'Disney have sunk low' HELLO?!?!?! BRITNEY SPEARS?!?!?!? Disney sank lownYEARS ago! Miley is way better than Britney! DUH!!!