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  • And Radar Online has JUST posted the truth. Something Celebuzz clearly has no interest in doing.
  • Amen to this post!! This "bullying" crap is not only insulting to those who have truly been bullied but its a giant smokescreen for this invasion of privacy lawsuit. Even the Trevor Project is staying away from commenting on Leann donating her winnings from the lawsuit to them. And why would they? Why would they comment on having winnings donated to them from a BULLYING lawsuit by a famous person? It's shameful and articles like this one are not helping her in any way. However they ARE helping Kim and her lawyers get plenty of ammo against the real bully.
  • Your comment makes no sense. You wrote that "conveniently" people are commenting that know too much and therefore can't be trusted. Say what? The people who are commenting have seen first hand what Leann does on Twitter.
  • Celebuzz I am almost speechless at what an embarrassment this article is for you. You are clearly throwing what you have (which is nothing) at the wall and seeing what sticks, then publishing the story. The first tweet from 8smileys wasn't even to Leann. Do you need the screen shots to back it up? In fact, NONE of these tweets you used were to Leann. Even if they were, Leann blocks ANYONE who tweets something even mildly negative so the people who tweeted this stuff had been blocked. She is SEARCHING OUT THE TWEETS of people that have been blocked. Do you think that is normal behavior?? Here is a newsflash for you : people who chat about celebrities, good or bad, are NOT committing any crimes. Ever heard of free speech? You can carry on all you want with this BS story that Leann is in "treatment" because of Twitter but you are doing more harm than good for her. This article is a complete joke. Vicious tweets? Are you kidding me? You are suggesting that people talking about this tape recording are what sent her into treatment? That's what you call vicious?!? Why don't you run an article on the DISGUSTING tweets Leann has sent to various people? Like the one I offered to show your editor when he printed a lie about me a couple weeks ago? Oh wait, you won't do that because you are clearly on her payroll. I'd suggest you guys start retracting some of what you are posting about this situation because you are posting lies that you have been made aware are lies. You guys need to do a LOT of research on this and why don't you start by seeing what the general public thinks about Leanns "treatment' story? No one is buying it. The support for the Smileys just keeps building and its stories full of lies like this one that are helping. Team Smiley!!
  • How much did Leann pay you guys for this?! No way in hell would she make the list other wise. What a joke.