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  • Just curious, where is it that you see in this article that LeAnn gave an exclusive interview?? Justbecause there are exclusive details does not mean she interviewd with anyone. . Furthermore, his kids ARE HER KIDS! Obviously those of you making stupid comments don't come from a blended family. When you have step parents who are that involved in their step childrens' lives, they become another parent. It appears that LeAnn is an extremely attentive and loving addition to the Cibrian children!! As for having a successful first year of marriage, way to go! That is NOT an easy feat!!! It's wonderful that two celebrities can be so happy. The one who's looking for validation here looks to be the mother. Why would she want her boys to be in the spotlight by appearing on a tv show that promotes drama and conflict?? Kids get screwed up easily enough in todays world without being exposed to all of that. Grow up and put your kids FIRST, Brandi!!!