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  • aahahah, this one is dedicated to Kendall and his obsession for vans shoes!
  • well,i know that i can't participate,cos i'm not american,but i just want to say that; dear btr guys,i'm one of your biggest fan,i'm from italy,you don't have many fans in here,but i'm one of yours! my favourite is Kendall, i saw you guys in concert and that was the best day of my entier life! i listen to your songs every single day,and every time i see one of your episode i start to laugh and i can't stop! Carlos,Kendall,James and Logan,you totally rock my world,there's not a moment when i don't talk about you guys! and Kendall, i know that we'll never meet each other,is enough for me even if you just try to spell my name right! if i could talk to you,even if for just a second,it would be the best second of my life! i hope a day we will meet! ps: Celebuzz,here in itsly there aren't many rushers,and i would be the happiest girl in the world if you would do this to me! even if here it's going to be midnight and my mum it's going to hate me cos I'll wake her up because of my screams! Big time rush are my life,and i'm proud to be a RUSHER!(and a Schmidster/heffron driver,of course!) keep on rushing! bye from Lucrezia Schmidt ;) pps: like Kendall says:Opportumity like this come once in a lifetime,so grab that opportunity with both hands,and go BIG TIME!