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  • None of these women are likeable Ive concluded! Heather is too bossy and actressy. Tamra is a total dramaqueen and cant be real to save her life its all calculated. She isnt having any realisation its just another TV sympathy moment to her. Gretchen is total phoney and very jealous and spiteful this season. Alexis is also being totally phoney with her husband they just want to plug their new business so putting on happy happy front. Vicki is an erratic mess as per usual and very hard to like with her self pity and weakness with her own family. This episode she was damn right rude in so many ways. Her face looks no different either so waste of money :/ That new girl is just out of place and lacks substance I dont get why she was chosen. They needed to bring in a strong character to put these ridiculous women in their place. This girl seems weak and a follower. Kinda useless really.
  • Tamra is a ridiculous caricature at this point. Does anybody take her and her phoney drama seriously anymore? she's like a bad actress on heat. Gretchen has alwaysbeen a phoney. Never forget her golddigging past, thats the true person. Alexis is the weak dispensable one any of them will pick up and use when they need an ally on the show. Vicki needs her but she'd drop her in a sec to get Tamra back as bff. All in all this is probably the phoniest of all the housewife shows. None of them are likeable tbh. That new girl is just annoying and pointless.
  • it clearly said "Vickis home video" on screen with the Briana footage in bed.
  • No Kyle did not leap up to sit next to Kim. I think Lisa gestured to swap seats. then Kyle sat there and played with her jap hair extensions and didnt so much as touch Kim! Lisa was holding her hand and hugging her far more than Kyle and Lisa's not even a huggy person normally! Plus the Maloof t-shirt was made just in case she showed up to the reunion it doesnt prove that Bravo wanted to keep her on! No way in hell would they put up with all her nonsense for another season she's not worth the hassle. All the legal threats and refusals to film group scenes...they aint got time for that! They want rid just like 99.99% of viewers do.
  • Maloof was sooo pathetic flouncing in like that with her big dramatic act. Did she get Bernie to stomp onions into her eyes beforehand? so ridiculous and phoney. What a spiteful nasty woman she really is. yet again trying to rain on lisa's parade just like when she sent that hideous log flower thing. And the audacity to then try make Lisa seem rude for not running to greet and console her!! I swear the woman has lost her marbles. At least we got to see the B-team rush to pander to her and fake concern(especially Vyle and her greedy hubby who im sure just see's maloof as one big walking dollar sign). YUK so gross. Then when she had done her pity act she upped and waltzed out!. er, were you not supposed tobe there for Lisa and Kens renewal vows? stupid stupid self obsessed malicious monster. Good riddance!
  • Paul has been pretty nasty several times this season especially towards lisa and Brandi. He has to take blame for that. So no, he's not really a sweety.
  • The common theme was "thankgod Adriennes not coming" more like!
  • I think the producers are worried that Kim will do something silly if they dump her from the show. She needs the income and she'd probably spiral downwards with nothing to do and nobody checking upon her. We all know Kyle only gives her any attention when theyre filming! Plus Andy cohen has a soft spot for her for some reason :/
  • Kyle and her smarmy "car salesman" husband are all over Maloof like a rash because she can buy/sell HUGE properties and they want the commision. thats big money. plus she could recommend him to her other rich family members and business associates. Thats why Kyle basically chose maloof over lisa's friendship prior to the last reunion. Money means more to her clearly.