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  • iPhone typo gorgeous is what I meant. And no matter what, that she is!!!!!!
  • As a mother of 4 that struggles with money everyday for my kids, understand the struggles of life period. I hated to have my pic taken while I looked like a hot air balloon and would keep me depressed over the way I looked. Famous or not this beautiful lady is having a baby and in no time will be posing for pic's again. I envy her life no struggles when it comes to being able to provide for her family and never have to worry about what bill has to be put on hold. So sit back and think before you bash a women that can be that type of mother. I wouldn't want to be famous but I'd love to have her life for my children. GIVE her space let her live the life as we do so she don't have to worry about the next basher tearing her down. This is probably the hardest 9months of her life. But I promise as time comes she will be in those shots again as gorgoiae as always giving you the shot u want. Just remember what if that was your wife being DONE that way. Kim, lovie!!! Keep ur head up,love ya!!