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  • As an outsider it's easy to see it from Bey's point of view. I love her to the moon and back, but when the one person stated that it's no different from taking 911 recordings from 9/11, I got it. It's most likely an act of ignorance as opposed to insensitivity. I highly doubt there were any bad intentions there but at the same time, however it was intended to be received, you can never tell someone how to feel or react.
  • That's right Miley say it as many times as u want to make yourself feel better because the reality is that that was tateless. I liked the song and u but clearly u need rehab. And people talk about theman in the uk who beheaded the soldier a couple months ago still..he might make it in the history books but that doesn't make him an icon
  • The price of money has gone up from hard work and time. Apparently your dignity is the market's biggest seller