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  • There is no designer who is hiring them to walk on the runway of shoot a campain. You see in the shows also they get pushed by momanager. Even Robert was pushed and showed no effort to do this! Because they get so pugged out on tv now, this is going to work not that positive for their modeling carreers. Getting photo shopped and airbrushed on pictures at age of 16 is a big no no in the fashion industry! There is no Ford models or Elite who is going to touch this! In America everyone is a model, if you weigh 100 lbs of 500 lbs. That is not a defination of being a model! There us a money pusher behind this!
  • The pictures look very unnatural and has been photo shopped. This is not a negative comment for the girls, but more for the photographer. You hardly see their real faces. I see this with alot more magazine pictures. This is a typical American way of shooting pictures. When there girls goes to an international scout with pictures like that they will recieve some hardcore raw negative comments. There is no designer who will take the risk to hire them!