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  • I do not think it is fair that Zendaya should win. She is a dancer on a ABC Disney show. If she wins DWTS then the other contestants have been robbed! Kelli Pickler should win.
  • I'm going to vote for Justin only because I don't find either man that attractive and I can no longer stand Brad Pitt for the way he did Jennifer Anniston. Even though he is getting his just rewards because if the thing with Angeline Jolie was just a fling - she has him now, babies and all.
  • I want to know why THIS particular nurse was implicated? The article states that a different nurse actualy gave out medical details, not this nurse that comitted suicide. If anything, the other nurse, should be held accounable for releasing confidential patient information. And YES, the DJ's shoud be charged with some sort of crime.
  • Yes, My first thought was to sue the radio station and the DJ's. But I want to know why this nurse is being blamed. All she did was connect the call to a nurse in Kate's room. From what I understand, I don't think Saldanha gave out any actual medical information but did the nurse that she transferred the call to give out any info? And what is up with some celebrities saying that Kate and William should take some blame for this? WHY?!?!?! They had no part in this. It is not their fault some radio station played a prank. That would be like saying I should be responsible for someones suicide because they called my hospital to ask about my status IF I were in the hospital. That is utterly ridiculous. This incident should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and handled between the family and the radio station. Leave Kate/Willis and the baby out of it.
  • I don't give one fig what any celebrity says. I am certainly not going to vote one way or another just because Brad Pitt does. People need to think for themselves and not follow any celebrity. Celebrities are given way too much credit and for what? The put their pants on one leg at a time like everyone else - they just get paid a lot more for it which is disgusting!
  • I think Hawaii Five-0's Alex O'Loughlin should play the male lead in the movie.
  • WHY are the Kardashians famous? What have they done? I don't recall them starring in any movie. I don't recall them making world peace or helping orphans in a third world country. I have absolutely no idea why these people are making millions of dollars when teachers, police officers, firemen and more important individuals need and deserve the money much much more. Let the Kardashians open daycare centers for single mothers that use most of their paycheck to pay daycare. Do something meaningful!
  • I don't really care one way or another as I have better things to worry about - but personally, YES, I think it was a surrogate birth. Why else was there all the secrecy, the renting out of hospital floors, the back in shape within record time - and just other stuff. Whatever the situation it is their business and no one elses.