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  • So many people who comment here are trolls (of the lowest order) Why in HE** would ANYONE say a child this age is 'gay'?? There's no way to know that at his age. I've got GREAT 'gaydar', but it NEVER goes off for children. This child is simply gorgeous, although I DO have an issue with parents bleaching/dying a child's hair. That's just going too far, and cannot be healthy. I think a child should be at LEAST 16 before they are allowed to colour their hair, and a parent shouldn't make that decision for them. Only if the child WANTS to dye his/her hair (after the age of 16+) should it be allowed.
  • I can't believe the hate when a picture of a parent carrying their child is published anywhere on the doesn't matter how old or how young the child is. I just saw Victoria Beckham get slated for carrying her new month-old baby. Everyone thought she should be in a pram, NOT her mum's arms. A celebrity's child ESPECIALLY needs the comfort of his/her mother's arms with the paps everywhere they go. That must be so frightening for a child. I wish it were illegal for the paps to take pictures of the kids without express permission. It's not nice to scare children.
  • She looks EXACTLY like my daughter's best friend Shawna did at that age. Two weeks ago Shawna was signed with the Ford agency and is doing her first photo shoot for Chanel as we speak. You have NO idea what somebody will grow up to look like...though I imagine she will look a lot like Shawna when she's grown. PLUS, I think she's adorable right now.
  • I actually think she's kind of cute when she's wearing her make up. And, yes, she often wears at least cover-up and for 'special occasions' I've seen her with lipstick and mascara. The 'boundaries' for even 'butch' lesbians have changed these days.