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  • I can appreciate that you do not believe me, and at least you do not believe any other crap. I am a nurse however, who is on set for obvious reasons. I too am a Rob fan. When i am off duty, i am entittled to spend my time the way i please. I had this article come up on my twitter account. So i am not spending my time surfing the web. I read it, because it seemed harmless, yet i usually keep away from this site and Eonline...And never comment...But this was one of many million times that someone has slandered Rob, and i felt like defending, only because i am closer to the situation now...I am human...Afraid to meet Rob, as i do have more of a chance, but no more am i going to be afraid to defend him. When i finally know now, he is what is seems, and what everyone says he is...Genuine. I too went by interviews & articles before to come to my own conclusions. Now i am in a different situation, but i am not sorry that i shared...If you want to know, the only reason i came back on here is because my email said someone replied to me...I did not ask for this...I will not do it again. i just thought people may be relieved to know both Rob & Kristen are great people, not cheaters included...
  • It is so unfair that you say this and untrue. You are slandering someone you do not even know, for that matter, how can you even hate them...People are hating on Kristen too for being with Garret H when she could be with Rob...I am apart of the crew for Total Recall, also being filmed in TO. I know personally that Rob is not out and about cheating...He is working extremely hard and has made good friends with the cast and crew of Cosmopolis, people i do know. They say he is the kindest, funniest celeb they have ever met. The rumours about Kristen are untrue also. She has been working hard herself with preproduction for SW & Garret is a friend of hers and a few of Rob's closest friends too. You may wish Rob and Kris were not together, but from what i hear, they are. This does not mean you have to make up lies or hate on a completely lovely person.
  • These are awesome...AND ROBERT would NOT have beem hand picked by DAVID CRONENBRG if he had thought his acting was poor, but David saw something in Rob he could utilize...@dshawn4...Rob's acting in How To Be & Remember Me, was brilliant and won him awards, but if you are only going on Twilight, than you are close-minded, and have not read those novels that had Rob depict Edward perfectly, just like Water For Elephants!!! Bel Ami already has people talking about his amazing performance as a nasty cad. Rob is newer to acting, and anyone who knows him is aware of his humble, shy ways, but also of his halarious, carismatic charm, and intelligence...He is extremely well liked by all who have worked with him. The right director will do wonders, and Robert is more than willing to shed the Edward image. All good actors started with roles they were put down for too. They however had this special quality that allowed that right people/person to want to give them a chance, and than they broke through, and became respected. I did not think Johnny epp could act either, when he was in NightmareOnES or 21 Jump Street, neither did anyone going by those old reviews, but Tim Burton saw something, and presto...Though one thing Robert has off camera, that Johnny still lacks is personality...Rob is a diamond in the rough, and David Cronenburg loves finding these diamonds and polish them. The best thing to happen to Robert in American film is Cronenburg, otherwise Robert did wonderfully in his British roles where he especially did well, and had a more natural ability about him...He was more comportable...This is Rob's only handicap, he has no ego at all, and may have to aquire a little bit of one to succeed, he certainly is bright enough.
  • You know what they say of a couple that get a pet together...Deal with it!!!
  • Rob has said his pup has been spooked, but she looks like she is handling him well, considering. He needs to get use to the leash, and it is a cold and rainy day. Kris could have left him indoors, but decided a walk would be better. Good for her considering the judgement this poor girl gets wherever she goes. Bitches calling her a 'bitch'. She is an extreme animal lover like Rob, and i have seen many pics of her, being very loving towards her animals. I'm a Rob fan, that felt the need to defend his girl, who, whether they were together or not, deserves respect from fellow Rob fans. Reguardless, he cares for this girl. If you are just 'haters' get a damn life, or take a self-help course.
  • Yes i care, and no i do not want him or something, but i like and respect the guy alot. Is there no one you care for that is 'celebrity', or would not also stick up for if sh*t was being said about them...I call bullsh*t if you where to say no...
  • Rob's a cheater, and you are an idiot...F* you people, are you 12??? Rob is a lovely young man inside and out. Kristen seems lovely herself. I do not pretend to know these people, but i have at least given them a chance, and if you are not deaf, dumb, and blind, you would come to the same conclusion as i have...It only takes an interview or two, and a few minutes of your time, to see what these people are like from their own words...Then you will not look like such an idiot saying things you are so obviously wrong about. It is people like yourself that helps hate resonate, rather than love in this world. What comes around goes around, i hope...carolyn.