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  • I mean, yeah, she looks amazing, but Liz Taylor couldn't sound more disdainful if she tried, which is hilarious. Taylor actually, you know, WORKED and HAD TALENT, whereas Kardashian made a sex tape and has a huge ass. Comparing the two is kind of absurd.
  • Oh, good work, Bazaar. Let's insult Egypt's history while they're already in the middle of chaos. Way to kick them while they're down.
  • My fiercest swimwear was my wedding gown. Right after we had our daughter, my now-hubs and I took a vacation by ourselves to Hawaii, where we were married on the beach and then splurged on a fab photoshoot. So many people were taking pictures of "the crazy couple jumping in the water in their wedding garb" that we joked about having our own paparazzi. It was one of many perfect days with him. (M'aaawwwww...)