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  • I'm glad she said Babe instead of his name. Because we all know Kanye doesn't want no part of you these days. I read he's back in Europe again. Probably with Riccardo. So I guess when she said her babe she meant her baby in her stomach.
  • Using poor little black kids to try to change her disgusting image. She could visit 1000 orphanages and she'd still be scum.
  • These are some evil bitches but what goes around comes around. Lamar will divorce Khloe. He's always up in strip joints and you never see them together anymore. After Kim squeezes out her loaf, men won't want to see her posing nekkid anymore. Kim & Kanye will fight over the brat. Kanye will take her to court and prove her an unfit mother and make her pay child support to him. Scott will marry a petite blond. Buh Bye Katrashians!!