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  • ECSTATIC that they're changing some parts of the plot. The book was so boring.
  • I'm so glad Adam didn't win. I seriously do NOT like him. I prefer Danny Gokey but he got eliminated. So between Adam and Kris, definitely KRIS!
  • You have no idea how much excited I am! I've been waiting for this film to be shown for months. I couldn't be happier. :)
  • Oh yes please!!!!! I LOVE FRIENDS! It's my favorite show of all-time. I felt so bad when it cam to an end.
  • [quote=fawnlikewhoa]Um, okayy.. 'frejamacarons'. Get a friggin' life. I'm tired of reading your melodramatic, overly negative, and just simply ignorant comments. Go feed your bullsh*t to people who care. Cause no one here cares. Breaking Dawn wasn't the best of the series, but it was pretty freaking amazing. =] I'm so excited. So I can wait, cause it will be worth the wait. :D[/quote] What made you think this person doesn't have a life?? Idiot.
  • [quote=frejamacarons]Like yay! NOT, THIS IS THE WORST BOOK OF THE SERIES, IT STINKS, IT IS SO STUPID. It is just a complete deviation from the previous books, which was more realistic, but this book has amazonian witches, and other things which are stupid. And magic powers? is this harry potter or something. this book was so melodramatic. 1/2 the book is about bella in a hazy state and eating spanish fish, and the other 1/2 is just boring stupid things, then the climax is an anticlimax, because its like, she was building it up to a big fight between the two groups, then its all "okay, we decided that we dont want to fight just cos alice the hairy nerkin found a mutant child hiding in her nerkin".[/quote] I completely AGREE with you!!!!
  • How are they gonna present the birth scene? So GROSS!!!
  • He's hot but he's wearing makeup in this pic.
  • I like her more without makeup.