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  • If Carver does do this I hope the fans let him hear it. Even Sera Gamble wouldn't be this dumb. But then again that's not saying much. Well hopefully Sam interacts with his bro for 8,9 no matter how it turns out. I do think they will split up at episode 9 for a bit, but we will see. I wish SPN had the old writers cause they would of developed Benny, but also let us see what it was doing to each brother in the process.
  • I remember Jensen said the first 5 episodes was Sam light. I know after the last con Jared had a very early call, so im hoping we get some in site in Sams head soon. Right now I will take a simple nervous break down, but I need the writers to SHOW ME THAT. For me I don't mind Benny only if they not have him as a conflict maker between the bros. I know this season will have that drama cause both brothers have their moments. But in the end I wan't them to be on the same page. So Im willing to get threw the dirt and mud only if there's a light at the end of the tunnel.