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  • Dear Homophobic KC, "If it’s a fact, prove it. That’s what a fact is, Making up theories that you think sound true aren’t facts, my dear." Madonna is the most successful female recording artist of all time - That is fact. According to Billboard and according to every official organisation that holds world records. The Queen is someone that DOMINATES the industry. That's the context in which it is used, that's what the media created and you know what, I don't need to cite the various articles in the media that confirm that, a retarded ape could understand this concept. "Ask people across different generations, races, and cultures, and you WILL get different answers. Just because it’s been ingrained in your mind like some trained dog, it doesn’t make “it what it is.” That’s just lazy thinking on your part. There’s no Queen or King of anything, because there’s no damn kingdom. That is what makes it all the more subjective" Again you are wrong. Madonna is the most successful female in MUSIC'S HISTORY. Do you comprehend that fact Homophobic KC? Barb has more number ones etc, But Madonna holds that record. The most successful female charting artist EVER. And that dominance makes her the queen, It doesn't matter what you ask people of generations, that's their opinion but the FACTS support only one person regardless of who and what they have grown up with. You Moron, Music Business itself IS the "kingdom" "King and Queen" is a term used to describe the most successful, a playful term at that. "Isn’t that what you’re doing? Commenting on the same article about said artist? Shit..your rants on here outnumber everyone else’s except your new boyfriend Ivan, and that’s probably you under a different username. FYI, Madonna did the same thing back in her early days..marketed herself toward young adults…so exactly what is your point, other than trying to paint me as this uber-fan of someone I only have casually listened to in the past?" That's EXACTLY what i'm doing. But I'm not on here pretending that My comments have nothing to do with the articles content, You on the other hand are replying to my comments about it's content, then pretending you don't care and pretending your comments have nothing to do with this article. LOL "Madonna did the same thing back in her early days..marketed herself toward young adults…so exactly what is your point, other than trying to paint me as this uber-fan of someone I only have casually listened to in the past?" Madonna did not Market herself towards bullied abused pre teens and teens to profit from them Hon. Your limited knowledge of pop culture is astounding considering your constant irrelevant rants about the subject. The Point is, Someone that is labeled the "queen of pop" by her delusional fans, is the driving force behind being labeled that. "There was a point. You mentioned it was the most tweeted and looked up word, and I also added it was also the misused. It wasn’t even a slam against you nor Madonna, but you’re acting like I punched you in the gut." What was the point? LOL bringing up a stat i mentioned to what? Inform us all that's in incorrectly used? Thats relevant because????? since you seem to agree with the author’s methods of naming someone Queen..just not the outcome. And by the way, you’re misusing the word “irrelevant” as much as Madonna’s fanboys misuse the word “reductive.” I'm not at all mis using the world Irrelevant dear. Perhaps you just don't get it, I mean you can barely keep on topic. I also don't agree with the authors methods. Madonna isn't the most successful female because of sales alone Dear. Worry about your own family, especially when they have to deal with a hideous-looking gay son like you. What kind of Pathetic coward insults the way someone looks, when they don't even offer a pic of themselves. Now now we have, a pathetic homophobic coward talking hate speech. Keep going on your homophobic rants while insulting the way people look without providing a pic of your own. It just makes me look that much better Hon.
  • Oh KC, You have got to feel sorry for someone like you. "Oh, so now you read minds? How lovely! I love how you “forward thinkers” assume everyone else’s mindset when they leave comments." No, I don't read minds you MORON. the REASON you called her angry was because of what she commented. Is your position really, I mean really, that you came on here.... Told her she was angry and that had everything to do with previous stuff and nothing to do with the comment on this page. HA! You would have to be a complete Moron to even suggest such a thing. "so don’t try to speak for me, fag!" Love it, you see dear, No one in their right mind would call me unintelligent. No one. You do it as an insult. However, it's clear that I'm not a dumb person. You on the other hand just showed yourself to be homophobic. "Fag" really? that's the best you can come up with. So you know, I'll continue with my "unintelligent rants" while you, a real enemy of equality go around calling people "fags" Not only is this article factually incorrect, It now has hate speech. Congrats. I'm not surprised coming from someone with such a warped sense of reality. So Homophobic KC let's examine your next dumb comments. "No, not really. When have I commented about its content? If I gave a shit, I would have shot everything down she said or strongly agreed with it, I did neither. By the way, how did you get on this article? You Googled GaGa just like everyone else did. Seeing that you’re dominating the comment section with your unintelligent rants, it seems like you give way too much of a shit what people think as well as what they think about you. Keep telling yourself, though, you don’t care." Hon, You're replying to my comments about it's content. Are you mentally Ill? LOL your comments are indeed in regards to this articles content. Of course I care, I just don't care what you think about me professionally. Why would I? You're a looser comments on a story, whose comments apparently have nothing to do with the content. Mine do, everyone else's comments here have to do with the content, it begs the questions dear... WTF are you doing here? LOL following Chloe like a stalker?
  • Well you really should give a shit about the tone of this article considering you are commenting on it, about its content Dear. Even if it was based on other comments, on this particular occasion, you called her angry for making an accurate statement dear, The REASON you called her angry is because of what she wrote on THIS article which you apparently don't care about - LOL you certainly care enough to call someone angry that's for sure. Perhaps I should mind my own business.... Hon, perhaps you should take your own advice, are you minding your own business when you manage to get the impression that Chloe is angry on other posts? HMM? Or do you get that impression because you read her things and comment... OH, i see what you're saying - I should mind MY own business on a public post but YOU have free reign to form impressions of people's moods (LOL) based on their comments that you comment on, all the while maintaining your own business. HA! Guess what you Moronic excuse for a human, It's NOT subjective. I also, really couldn't care less what you think about me personally. Everything you have been saying is BS! lol
  • "Poor Chris. Did I hit a nerve?" Is your limited mind unable to tell the difference between zeal and being offended? LOL "First of, who are you supposed to be that you think you can tell me that I can’t change or define what society defines as “Queen Of Pop?” Furthermore, what imaginary society do you live in, other than the one in your head, where people go around calling music artists Queens or Kings of Pop? I don’t use the term, my friends don’t use it. Neither do my neighbors, co-workers, or family members" I dont need to be anybody, much less an authority Hon, I am simply stating a fact, society based on the media has defined what connotations surround the queen of pop, not you, not me not anyone. It is what it is. I also hate to break this to you but there's one name that comes to mind when someone says the king of pop and the queen of pop, no one here is debating that it's a term that is not used in every day life my dear, again with the irrelevant comments, do you think those irrelevant comments make you seem credible? LOL I guess though I live in the same imaginary world where an adult is not embarrassed about being a fan of lady gaga. "I don’t use it because it sounds like what someone in junior high school would use, which explains your frame of mind right now.. Here’s a little sociology lesson: Society doesn’t define and neither did they invent who is the Queen Of Pop, you idiot. Those are media created terms, and they have a word for people who sit back and let the media dictate and define things for them: SHEEP! Sales and chart success never dictated for me either the kind of music I listen to. The only thing irrelevant in this argument is your own." You don't use it, yet you comment on an article about an artist who markets herself towards pre teens and teens. How pathetic can you possibly be, play the maturity card all the while defending, so to speak a childs artist. Boy, I hope you got a spot on gaga's psycho bus. ":’ NONE OF IT matters in the grand scheme of things. That’s the fucking point you didn’t get in my response to you. If I want to call Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux, or Florence Welch my queens, since they get more airplay from me than Lady GaGa and Madonna combined. I DO have every right to do that, and I’m not going to let some little idiot tell me different." None of it matters, and to prove it, you comment back with your paragraphs and paragraphs of irrelevant comments. But to address that Hon, Not everything is so trivial and mundane, a drug addicted pathological liar does not get to be called "the queen of pop" when offical numbers and stats say otherwise, It just doesn't happen unless you are an uneducated, misinformed teenager or an adult fan (like you) whom should be embarrassed at your music taste. You do have every right to say whatever artist you want is "your queen" that's an opinion. But let me tell you what is not an opinion "LADY GAGA IS THE NEW QUEEN OF POP" that is a statement like it's a universal truth. "If you’re going to question my intelligence, at least learn to read. Perhaps you didn’t understand because you just didn’t get it. I never said Madonna used it incorrectly. I said it was the most misused word since she uttered it, and I see it equally misused by Madonna Stans as I do the fans of the person to which the word was directed. And frankly, my dear, it’s not that big or obscure of a word, but congratulations on thinking you enhanced your rather sophomoric vocabulary." Again, this has nothing to do with anything. The point i was making in-case you missed it sweetie was that you referenced that fact i stated, why? there was no point in referencing that because Madonna did not use it incorrectly. GET IT? In the end, you can mention all the irrelevant points you want but you cant change the fact that this article is not subjective, this article does not say that the queen can be anyone you want, this article says "lady gaga is the new queen of pop" and it's based on incorrect facts. That's the point. You're defending this article, that stands for the opposite of what you're fight me about. You hon, are a ridiculous excuse for a person. I'm embarrassed for your family.
  • I'm pretty sure by "invented" he means paved the way. After all, Lady gaga IS walking the very path Madonna paved.
  • Angry? since when was making an accurate statement being Angry? Poor KC, trying to convince himself and everyone else that the "queen of pop" is a subjective matter based on an opinion despite the fact the tone of this article ranks the "queen of pop" based on statics, and the stats aren't even accurate! LOL The inclination you people have to make lady gaga the queen of something wreaks of desperation.
  • You have to bring something new to the table to revolutionize something. The essence of Pop: taking a popular imagery, or a popular concept, intervening/changing it into something else - if not the purpose, the execution, if not the execution, the meaning. Lady Gaga does not do that. Lady Gaga takes the imagery and the sound, and she copies all of it with no new purpose, no new concept, no new meaning. Does Lady Gaga try to represent anything different from what Madonna represents? No. From head to toe, from the essence to the performance itself, Lady Gaga is a cheap imitation of a true cultural icon.
  • What kind of Moron are you? I write professionally, just like the person that wrote this. Although I would be embarrassed to submit this piece to editing because it's incorrect in it's factual statements. My info my dear is not made up. Those are OFFICIAL numbers. Deal with it Dah-ling.
  • LOL - 30 million. Can you give me the official source to that please? OH WAIT. YOU CAN'T. You dumb monsters count gaga's tweets as sources. The same woman that tweets that she performs to 50,000 when it's really (as reported to billboard) 38,000. The same woman that lies about receiving an email from Madonna. The same woman that lies about not wearing fur. Poor things.
  • Maybe on planet dumb c**t Monster. Sorry to inform you, but lady gaga is not number one in any aspect of the music Industry. - That's the woman you call queen - LOL #monsterlogic