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  • Rashida Jones has made a fair point and there is a lot of nudity that we see daily or weekly from celebrities. However, Nicki Minaj is a very clever artist who has been in the rap game for about 5 years now, being sexual & provocative in her images is all about showing her feminism in her music as well. She is the ONLY real female rapper in the game, being #4 on hip hop's cash kings list, having 2 platinum albums and won BET's best female rapper 4 years in a row, there's winning for you So why can't she have fun with the body that she maintains in a beautiful form? People think she is only about putting her body out there but if you take time to not judge her from her images, listen to her music and then you will understand. Ignore her joke songs such as 'stupid hoe' and stop contradicting yourselves.