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  • Ya'lls aint even irish. I got pots of gold not jus one. Holla @ meh!
  • [quote=chichilavie]i bet you they all have hepatitis c.[/quote] ::sigh:: how'd you know?
  • They should really be more careful about shark attacks when taking all these beach photos. In not one pic did I see a security detail ready to defend these beauties if they were attacked by murderous sharks.
  • Why is Robert Pattinson so obsessed with looking like Mary Kate Olsen ?? I got to give it to him though.. he's got the whole death look/lip pucker down Pat! (pun intended)
  • [quote=noah]what is with that pink sweater outfit?[/quote] He stole that from my mom's closet. what a jerk.
  • Sharks please go away! I'm sorry if you are mad that we have ships and submarines in the ocean.. I understand that is your home but we have children involved here on the internet. I am contacting celebuzz again.
  • [quote=noah] HAHA, nice try! This "Jenna" chick is obviously a hammer-head shark with a keyboard. You're not fooling anyone shark. Get off the internet and go back to the ocean where you can murder more innocent humans.[/quote] Are people really teaching sharks how to use computers?! At first I thought that was a little unbelievable but then I remembered how humans taught a rat to ride a cat that was riding a dog and how we taught a pig to talk or something so I decided to look it up and found it is true!! Just check out this article: ws/article.cfm?c_id=546&objectid=104 43226 I knew dolphins were smart but I didn't know sharks were that smart too! That is scary.. I don't want MY kids talking to sharks. They are probably all over craigslist too trying to lure people to sea world or something to eat them. I'm going to email someone at celebuzz to see if they can somehow block animals from leaving comments.
  • [quote=noah]Did you know that shark attacks account for more deaths than war, poverty and lightning strikes combined?! It's true. Every year when I blow out my birthday candles, I wish for sharks to become extinct ... hopefully a few more years and that will become a reality.[/quote] Even if you add car accidents, sharks still kill more people.
  • I have been drinking Fanta for about 15 weeks and I have not needed to eat! You don't pour this drink into your stomach you pour it in your soul. The day I drank this soda I lost 300 lbs! I got a new chevy, a new Trailer and my kids quit meth.
  • I was sitting closest and after a little harmless flirting she shot me with a spit ball.. which of course I saved and will be on ebay later tonight.