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  • I usually don't comment but I cannot stand this freakshow. I would never watch any housewives show but, I know who Kim is because of her poor, ignorant husband. Even he could do better. She isn't attractive unless you're in to that whole tranny thing & my sister says she's about as lazy & trailer park as they get. Poor Kroy is so whipped he probably does the breastfeeding..
  • I do NOT agree with her ever being a heroine but I strongly agree with "I think she’s a lazy, greedy, unintelligent, useless thieving tramp who uses her babies to steal from the public. She definitely has histrionic personality disorder." Didn't want to confuse anyone with a thumbs up, sorry.
  • The hair extensions, really? You get a death threat, "throw it in the garbage" lol call TMZ & go on a media tour, the Police contact YOU & would like to have the "death threat", you doon't know where it is? Duh, you gave it to TMZzzz. What do YOU do to protect your 14 kids? Why, you get hair ext. that make you look worse than Morticia Adams, eyelash ext., botox, Restylane & tons of makeup & do a media circus! YOU wrote the note & maybe one of your kids accidently broke the window. There is so much wrong with you Octomom but for God's sake, pretend to care about your kids...
  • A face not even a mother could love. lol, because her own Mom doesn't recognize her from all the crap plastic surgery. She has some God awful lips & scars & just ewwww, ok. Yes, I said ewwww.
  • Love CoCo but, I've seen trannies more attractive than Octomom. She turns me off, way off.
  • The ONLY true statement she made was, "I look like a corpse". What an ugly psycho!
  • I hear ya! My penis still hasn't forgiven me for looking! She says, “I’m happy that I’m un-photogenic because 99 percent of the time people don’t recognize me in person,” Octo-Mom, who gave birth to octuplets in 2009, said in an exclusive interview. ”I like being un-photogenic.” WTF ? WTF? So, she knows everyone thinks she's hideous so she's saying it's because she's "un-photogenic", you're just ugly & insane & very full of yourself. People see you out all the time, they just don't give a flying fruitcake. Someone come & take the babies & loan her a double-wide in the middle of nowhere. It don't even have to be clean cause she's a filthy, lazy pig. Sorry, but the penis is angry & it's all you're fault Nudia.
  • I think Octomom is posting under a few names. Nobody's that damn hard up!
  • Girl, you are just right! I've seen trannies that look better than Nudia. Her saying they did no airbrushing? LOL, cause it's called photoshop ya moron! Even tho they DID photoshop the hell out of the pics, she's still a wreck. That tummy tuck scar & coin slot belly button turn my stomach but she's just odd all over. I've seen pics of her before she f 'd her face up & she WAS pretty with makeup & hair done. Now, she's just a circus freak who's just as ugly on the inside. Gina (her manager) is way hotter. (I've seen them both) & Nudia should kiss that woman's ass for all she's done for her, when nobody else wanted her. I sure feel sorry for Gina, they couldn't pay me enough to deal with such an arrogant asshole!