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  • I loved it. I'm so glad the guys finally have something they can call their own. Sam enjoying the books while Dean revelled in the simple pleasure of a shower and geeking over a sword. I liked the way last weeks As Time Goes By led to this weeks Everybody Hates Hitler. Enjoyed Aaron's reaction to the Winchester salting and burning the Nazi necromancer. We sometimes forget how odd their behavior is to the average citizen. The Thule are a great addition to the mythology. Good on Ben remembering to mention Cas and Kevin. Hope as the season progresses we get to see more of the new home
  • I wanted to add that I've read comments from fans saying that Henry doesn't fit canon because John said he was a mechanic from a family of mechanics. I thought about this and realized that it does fit canon if John is referring to his mother's side of the family. Why couldn't they be mechanics? As for the older fellow in the diner in 1973 who asks young John to say hello to his old man couldn't that be a step father? John's mom would have likely remarried after Henry was gone for so many years?
  • It sounded like John did want revenge on the demon that killed Mary. Sam and John bonded over this shared experience since both had lost the women they loved to this demon.
  • I loved Citizen Fang. The whole episode from beginning to end was very well done. I am enjoying this season so much.