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  • [img] (2)-160_120.jpg[/img] this is my 3rd try. My mom lost her first husband, my Dad on May 12, 2001 (Mothers Day) - he was shot and killed by a co-worker accidentally. We have suffered for many years since then emotionally. She has remarried, but we still struggle in many way.s I feel like if you could make over my Moms room it would be the biggest thing I could ever help make happen. I feel like she deserves this - her room is bare and she sleeps on a single mattress on the floor no box springs. I pray you pick me. Thank you. [img][/img]
  • 11 Years ago on May 12th, 2001 (which was Mothers Day) - my Dad was killed by a co-worker in the Army. My Mom has since remarried, but has suffered tremendously over the past decade+, and I would like for her to have the room makeover. She'll probably kill me for putting this photo on there - but she'll be thanking me if I can help with making this makeover possible. Praying! God Bless, Clarissa [img][/img]