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  • [quote=Megan]I hate to say this but... It looks like Kim is the mom and Kourtney us more like the babysitter sorry....[/quote] No it looks like Kim is doing anything she can to be the center of attention, as always! I have seen the way Mason lights up when he sees his Momma and NOT to Kim. Kim sees him as a photo opp!
  • Kim, stay out of Mason's mouth! I can't wait until he has teeth and can defend himself!
  • Kim, you are so busy posing you don't even care you are turning his boob red!
  • [quote=Ramondina]You can tell Kim really enjoys being an Aunt to Mason. She is definately going to be a wonderful mother when she has her own someday. I think she is a beautiful person inside and out.[/quote] Kim enjoys the limelight that comes with holding Mason, her child will be a photo opportunity that is raised by nannies!
  • [quote=CandusAnn]Kim you need a baby but I see you already have one ;) I can see how much you love it it touches me...I love you Guys all of you Even Scott....That baby all I can say is Ahhhhhhhh![/quote] Kim doesn't need a baby, she would cover it in black eyeliner!!!
  • I hope that is not HOT coffee right next to Mason, major hazard
  • GREAT PHOTO, Mason trying to escape Kim's pucker! Way to go Mason!
  • Kim, were you not taught anything about personal space? Every pic you are right in his mouth, enough is enough
  • Aside from Kim looking computer generated, with ALL the black eyeliner she looks chinese
  • I would say something about your mouth, but I won't