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  • yea right not. the best guy that i seen her with so far would be Reggie bush . but she let him go .i think he got sick of all the snickering behind his back to be honest.the more i learn about Kim i start to see why people don't like her. very scandalous stuff shes done .i am surprised she can eat with that mouth of hers .its sicking really to think she is proud of that stuff.and you guys idolize her without actually knowing anything about her.i don't think her family knows how disgusting that ray jay tape really is.oh well its her life you all just idolize it.i really don't understand why she feels proud of that.tells me the type of fans you really are.what a waste .
  • dude really you sound like a nut job. so your gay that explains a lot .you should get out more find you some companion to do things with you really need one .you sound a little obsessed .be a fan but get you some help really.
  • are these real comments ?or filler.
  • keep telling yourself that.its a little odd that she doesn't look any different like most pregnant celebrity's do and if getting pregnant was difficult for her you would think she would take a long rest from all that traveling for work that she has been doing .she doesn't have to work at all she should be resting and taking better care of herself.if any of you really gave a crap you would think the something.but obviously you don't..
  • where i don't see any baby bump .look at some of her older pictures she looks like that not pregnant you guys are seeing things.
  • so what your saying is you idolize someone for there beauty and wish you could be beautiful like her and her sisters ? the thing is you can if you really wanted to.too bad your so down on yourself .if you had more confidence in yourself you would probably drive men wild just like these girls do. just sayin.
  • MIKE do you really need to ask that question seriously.
  • that stuff she said in the interview made no sense at all . you want privacy but you tell every news outlet about your yea people will always scrutinize vain materialistic people it goes with the type of celebrity you have created for yourself.the problem you have kim is you have no credibility and people see through your shallowness and rather tell you the truth than lie to you like everyone else does. karma its not something you should mess with it will come back on you in very bad ways .it will catch up to you it always does for people like you.
  • yea i agree i don't see a baby bump.saw her on letterman last night and didn't see a baby bump either. these rag sheets are a a baby bump hahahaha i don't think so. jesica has a baby bump a really big baby bump i wish her all the best but kim i don't want to comment at this time on her im just dissapointed in her that's all.
  • Sydney ledger- so when your mom addressees a concern about something in your pitiful life you say that your mom is jealous and she is wasting her time caring about what you do ?it upsets me to see you look up to some one for no reason other than she is drop dead gorges and rich you think people are jealous because we have different values than you do. do you look up to hookers, pimps and drug dealers or even a gangster or two?you need a better role model trying to kiss a celebrity's ass is no way to go through life.besides i am very content with my life i have no identity problems i just have morals and dignity which it seems a lot of you don't you confuse dislike for this person for jealousy sorry to tell you she doesn't even read all of your pitiful comments and praises i read this stuff for fun when i want to laugh i read this stuff you guys are truly sick and disgusting.get a life or better yet keep commenting so i can have something to laugh about.. .